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Dinner in Restaurant


Strengthen your market position with proven expertise.
Build brand love and maximize your financial performance. I’ll show you how.

With 20 years experience, I can help you to re-energize and strengthens of your existing brands by collaborating with you to  optimize your menu, operations, marketing, staffing and more. Let's bring you back to peak quality services, financial performance and put you in a stronger position to scale your business.

Restaurant Table

Package 1: Restaurant 

5-day coaching & consulting program

After this Pandemic situation, people expect and want more. Better quality, safety, more fun, to live a real and great experience.

This program is structured on 5 days of action.

What will you get:

  • Look at your restaurant from the eyes of your clients to understand better about their experience.

  • Less is more. Improve your food & service quality with less cost and waste.

  • Your client live in the experience of your restaurant in general not just having a good food.

  • How to create food with enthusiasm 

  • Show your unique style, give your client the reason they come back for more.

hotel Check In

Package 2: 

Hotel & Restaurant 

8-day coaching & consulting program

What will you get:

All benefits from Package 1 and: 

  • Analyze your structure

  • Improve your service quality, food, presentation and team management

  • Improve your reception service, public relations, social media presence

  • How to organize event that attract new customers with your uniqueness

  • Marketing strategies

Gourmet Breakfast

Package 3: 

Hotel & Restaurant and Plus...

10-day coaching & consulting program

What will you get:

All benefits of Package 1 & 2 and:

  • A positive and motivating management team

  • Improve the relations between the manager and the team.

  • Motivate your team to work better.

  • How to use psychological marketing tips for selling your services better

  • 5 of personal coaching for managers and team

  • Team building. Recreate a happy and motivated team that will work for you. 

  • Increase productivity 

Let's work together

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