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Do Your Business with Your Heart

One of the reasons you started your own business is because in one moment this idea comes into your head and after that, in your heart, you feel that you can do that. You believe and imagine the possibility: YOU CAN DO IT.

After days, weeks, or years of reflection, you start doing what was in your heart and your mind. If your business is going well, keep reading, your will smile and you are saying that I was right! If your business is not doing so well the way you wanted and you have some brilliant ideas but don't know where to start, this is where I come. Let me help you to make your dream come true.

Starting a new business is never easy and is almost never like you imagined it in the first place. Even if you were thinking about every detail and every part of your business you will always be surprised by the reality. Things don't go like you wanted to be because in every moment in your life and in every business, the surprise element will come.

For having a successful business, here are few important things. First of all, define your own definition of success, don't let the society or anyone else decide for you. The best definition of success that I've ever heard of is: Do what you want or love to do and to enjoy the process.

Every successful business has an emotional and a practical part. No matter how big your motivation or how great your idea was, finally the execution it's everything.

Don't forget that successful people don't do different things they do things differently.

For the emotional part of your business, it's very important that you keep your dream alive, that you remember every day why you want to do it and how you can do better every day. Don't forget that every business like every relationship, if it is not growing, it will die one day. So you must ask yourself two questions every day: what can I do better today than yesterday and what can I do more?

For the practical part, you must learn to read and pay attention to every new information that appears in your business. Learn something new everyday, learn from people who are successful in your area, see what what they do, and try to do the same.

Don't search for all the answers. Sometimes the questions are more important. Ask yourself the right questions. What can go bad? What I can prevent to avoid it happening? What I can do differently and howI can do better?

Learn to trust and love people. Learn how to motivate and make your staff believe in you and work for you. Try to keep up with growing technology. Trust and their ability to work for you and in their decisions, you cannot be there all the time and you can't make all decisions. Empower them.

Keep the goal of your business to improve other people's lives, to give something, to do something for others. Not chasing the money or the results, you will be success. Money and results will come when you work with all your heart and you do the best you can. Focus on the journey, learn from the best, trust your team and empower them, stay consistent, be discipline.

And remember what someone said: Do what you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.

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Sylvia Boutiere

Restaurant/Hotel Coach & Consultant


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